A Level Physical Education

Head of Academic PE: Mr K Jones BA (Hons) with QTS (Greenwich)
Email: kjones@stedmundscollege.org

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Component 1: Physiological Factors Affecting Performance

This unit focuses on key systems of the human body involved in movement and physical activity.

  • A study of applied anatomy and physiology
  • Exercise physiology
  • Biomechanics

Component 2: Psychological and Socio-cultural Themes in PE

This component focuses on the psychological factors affecting physical activities and sports.

  • Skill acquisition
  • Sports psychology

Component 3: Socio-cultural and Contemporary Issues

This component focuses on the sociological and contemporary factors that influence and affect physical activity and sport for both the audience and the performer and how sport affects society.

  • Sport and society

Component 4: Performance within Physical Education

Learners will be required to undertake two parts within this component.

Part 1: Performance/coaching of a sport or activity

Part 2: The Evaluation and Analysis of Performance for Improvement (EAPI)


Knowledge and understanding within components 1, 2 and 4 is developed further under the same headings as in Rhetoric I.

Component 3: Socio-cultural and Contemporary Issues

Within this component an additional area of study is covered.

  • Contemporary issues within physical activity and sport
Key skills

The purpose of A Level Physical Education is to give students the opportunity to improve their knowledge and personal skills in the sports and exercises of their choice. In doing so they will also learn about how best to prepare body and mind to maximise performance, as well as gaining insight into sports in a historical and comparative sense.

Enrichment opportunities

Students are offered a vast array of enrichment activities to develop and broaden their skills. These include:

  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award at all levels
  • Coaching courses for students to become leaders and opportunities to teach/coach in the Prep School
  • District and County competitions in a range of sports
  • First Aid courses and Lifesaving courses
  • Numerous fun UCAS week challenges.
Higher education and career prospects

This course is suitable for anyone who has an interest in sport, and is a good foundation for anyone intending to study a HE course connected with the huge and expanding sport and leisure industry.

There are a plethora of career prospects in the world of sport including teaching, physiotherapy, sports administration, medicine, sports journalism, sports management, sports psychology and coaching.  In addition, the combination of PE theory and practice means it can provide a natural link to scientific and humanities courses, such as Biology, Psychology, History and Economics.