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Senior School

Welcome to a very special place. No website can convey the richness of the education we offer, nor the atmosphere which makes St Edmund’s exceptional, but I can at least sow a seed in the hope that you will want to visit in person.

Our mission, stretching back to 1568, has always been to send young people into the world who will, whether by mighty deeds or by quiet leadership, be a force for good. There could be no greater epitaph for an Edmundian but that throughout their life they made the world around them a little better, and the people around them a little happier.

We want our pupils to be excellent but never arrogant; to be ambitious but never selfish; to be robust but never uncaring; to show conviction but never intolerance. All this in a school which genuinely believes in the education of the whole person, mind, body and spirit; a school whose remarkable history and Catholic heritage almost seep from the walls, but where tradition is never allowed to become oppressive.

I am immensely proud of St Edmund’s and look forward to meeting you. You can be assured of a very warm welcome from all at the College and Prep.

Mr Matthew Mostyn, Headmaster

A hidden gem, this Catholic co-ed has got acres of grounds, stunning facilities and puts wellbeing and personal development at the centre of its educational offering.
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