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College (11 – 16)

Exploring. Achieving. Leading.

Our mission, stretching back to 1568, has always been to send young people into the world who will, whether by mighty deeds or by quiet leadership, be a force for good.

At St Ed’s you’ll encounter a dynamic blend of challenge, opportunity and unwavering support, enabling you to pursue your individual talents with confidence and energy.

Our distinctive approach will cultivate both your intellectual and social assurance, enabling you to realise your potential, achieve your aspirations and contribute positively to society.

Regardless of the path you choose – be it athletics, science, acting, computer programming, art, music or mathematics – St Edmund’s stands firm in our belief that inspired students go on to become exceptional individuals.

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There could be no greater epitaph for an Edmundian but that throughout their life they made the world around them a little better, and the people around them a little happier.

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