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We will prioritise your wellbeing, and support you in maintaining a healthy balance between study, broader co-curricular activities and social life.

To ensure your wellbeing, you will have various avenues through which to establish a balanced study/life routine. In addition to your tutor and subject teachers, comprehensive pastoral care is provided for all, including access to our nurses, chaplaincy and counsellor for any support you may need.

There are numerous ways to stay active, ranging from our co-curricular timetable in Period 7, to working out in our dedicated on-site gym and swimming pool, and, of course, engaging in competitive sports.

Life in the Sixth Form is also brimming with co-curricular activities and social experiences.

Academic support when you need it

Taking the leap into sixth form studies marks a significant milestone. When you require guidance along this journey, rest assured that our support is exceptional.

Regular meetings with your tutor will play a pivotal role in reviewing progress, addressing any concerns and contemplating your broader objectives. Your subject teachers will provide meaningful homework assignments designed to refine your self-study skills and enhance your grasp of the subjects, promoting deeper knowledge, understanding, and application.

Furthermore, our teachers are accessible before and after lessons, during breaks, and study periods, ensuring each student receives the guidance necessary to reach their full potential.

All our tutors and subject teachers collaborate with our Learning Support and English as an Additional Language (EAL) departments to access the most effective strategies for assisting students.

We firmly believe a content and fulfilled state of mind enhances your capacity for achievement.