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Latest ISI inspection

St Edmund’s provides a broad curriculum, alongside an extensive co-curriculum and wide range of extra-curricular activities [and these help] to ensure that the school is highly successful in its aim to recognise each pupil’s unique combination of talents and to educate the whole person.
ISI Report 2023


Following an inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in November 2023, we are proud to have received highly positive feedback on all aspects of our education. This short film summarises the headline findings of the ISI report.


ISI Report 2023

Report highlights

Under ISI’s new evaluation, ‘Framework 23’, schools receive a comprehensive report outlining inspection findings. St Edmund’s met the expected standards for all inspection focus areas, which are:

  • Leadership and management, and governance
  • Pupils’ education, training and recreation
  • Pupils’ physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Pupils’ social and economic wellbeing and contribution to society
  • Safeguarding

Prep School

Within the Prep School, inspectors said that pupils: ‘…make good progress and achieve well within a vibrant early years setting’, with children’s learning: ‘well-supported’. Inspectors noted that: ‘By the time they leave the Prep School, most pupils attain above the average in English and Mathematics’ and are also: ‘…well prepared for the next stage of their education.’


In the Senior School, inspectors stated that students: ‘…achieve success in external examinations that often exceeds expectations in relation to their starting points’ and: ‘…make good progress in their learning’. Additionally, inspectors praised pupils’ overall behaviour, stating students are: ‘…very well behaved, showing great respect for each other and for adults.’

Governors and senior leaders provide a clear vision for delivering the aims of the school, reinforced through the Catholic, and inclusive, ethos.
ISI Report 2023
[There is a] high priority on supporting good mental health and emotional wellbeing [and] pupils feel safe at school.
ISI Report 2023
School leaders are committed to broadening pupils’ interests and experiences by providing a very wide range of activities for pupils of all ages.
ISI Report 2023
Leaders’ decision-making and planning ensure that pupils of all ages have numerous opportunities to take part in service activities or charitable work’ and ‘…show great initiative, responsibility and empathy…selflessly committing to the wide range of voluntary activity and charitable work evident both within and beyond the school community.
ISI Report 2023
We are absolutely delighted to have achieved a first-class inspection report. This is testament to the dedication of our staff, unwavering support of our parent community and the remarkable achievements of our students. Together we have fostered an environment where every child can thrive, both academically and personally.
Mr Matthew Mostyn, Headmaster