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Prep (3 – 11)

Discovering. Learning. Growing.

In our vibrant, supportive environment, every pupil is valued, nurtured and inspired. With a history dating back over 450 years as the oldest Catholic school in England, we combine academic success with educating the whole person and an emphasis on pupil wellbeing.

We provide an environment where intellectual and social confidence thrives, and encourage all pupils to set high goals, pursue their dreams and to make a positive impact on society.

Pupils from all faiths and none are welcome in our joyful school community. They move up to our College prepared for the future, equipped with the skills, qualities and values necessary to lead a fulfilling life.


Meet the Headmaster
A St Edmund’s pupil is known for their confidence, curiosity, sense of community, agility of mind, resilience and determination.
It was the best decision we ever made to send our two children to St Edmund’s, and I’m sure they will have great memories of the school, I know I will.

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