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Boarding Options

Boarding Options

We offer a range of flexible boarding options that best suits your needs:


Full Boarding

Students who board full-time benefit from additional supervised study time, plus a full programme of evening and weekend activities. During the week, they can concentrate on their academic studies, as well as participating in a wide range of leisure and cultural activities. Weekends are a time for fun, with lots of opportunities to learn new skills, enjoy trips out and pursue interests.


Weekly Boarding

Weekly Boarding is becoming increasingly popular as it offers students the opportunity to experience the fun of boarding and provide extra time for their studies, whilst keeping close links with home. Students with a long daily journey, as well as those approaching exams, can benefit by living-in from Monday-Friday.



Flexi-Boarding means that students can stay just a few nights per week, or for occasional sleepovers, in order to take part in extra-curricular activities, study for exams or to provide temporary cover for a parent’s work or domestic commitments. This can be a good introduction to boarding life and helps students become more independent.


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