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At St Edmund’s Prep School academic excellence is balanced with an emphasis on nurturing well-rounded, confident and thoughtful individuals.

In the classroom we prioritise understanding each child’s needs and provide a perfect blend of support, inspiration and challenge at every stage of their development from Nursery through to Form 6.

Pupils discover the courage to embrace their true selves. We provide them with the support to uncover, cultivate and showcase their unique talents – all underpinned by High Performance Learning, our evidence-based approach to learning.

Whether they are budding sports stars, performers, creators or scientists, every student is cherished for their individuality and distinctive potential. Introverts, extroverts, thinkers and leaders – there is a place for everyone at St Ed’s.

Our curriculum encompasses six key areas:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication
  • Language and literacy
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

Our facilities

St Edmund’s offers a setting equipped with everything our pupils need to succeed:

  • Creatives excel in our specialist art room
  • Scientists ignite their passion in our specialist science rooms
  • Performers practise in our dance studio and outdoor amphitheatre
  • Sporty pupils thrive with our Astro pitches, multi-use games area, swimming pool and sports hall
  • Pupils can reflect and pray in our newly-refurbished chapel, or in our prayer garden


We seek to nurture the spirit and light a fire of passion for life-long learning in the hearts of every child. We believe in letting natural curiosity guide each child's educational journey, harnessing their innate drive for learning.

Subject spotlights


Dance is taught throughout the year as a curriculum subject to all pupils in Nursery to Form 2.

Children in Forms 5 – 6 experience different styles of dance during the preparation for our summer musical production.

Beyond the classroom, we offer further dance activities and clubs, led by a specialist teacher, including a ballet club for children in Forms 1 – 2.


Drama is taught as a curriculum subject to all pupils in Forms 3 to 6.

The highlight of the St Ed’s dramatic calendar is undoubtedly our summer musical, performed by Form 6 in the impressive Douay Hall, with Form 5 supporting in a singing and dancing chorus. Recent productions include:

  • Mary Poppins
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Alice in Wonderland

Beyond the classroom, pupils benefit from a range of co-curricular drama activities and clubs through our St Edmund’s activities programe, led by a specialist teacher, including Drama Club and opportunities to achieve LAMDA qualifications.


We provide language instruction by qualified native speakers.

From Nursery to Form 3, pupils receive weekly French lessons, and in Forms 4-6 we provide a rotational programme of Spanish, German, and French.


Music is taught by a specialist teacher from Nursery to Form 6.

Every pupil in Forms 3 – 6 attends a weekly Choir rehearsal during curriculum time and each child in Form 2 receives a term’s free group tuition on either the violin, cello, recorder or ukele.

Beyond the classroom, pupils enjoy a wide choice of co-curricular opportunities in music, ranging from instrument lessons, ABRSM examinations, musical theatre and Young Voices, to a breadth of musical performance opportunities throughout school life.

We enjoy strong links with the College Music Department. We hold an annual competition for Music Scholarships for pupils in Form 6.

Visual art

Through Art in our curriculum we nurture confidence and self-belief.

We aim to inspire a desire to create and be creative: through studying artists and designers from a range of cultures, contexts, time and place, and allowing pupils to experience a wide variety of media.

Pre-Prep pupils experience Art and Design Technology in their class setting through topics that enrich and connect with other curriculum areas.

Prep pupils are taught by a specialist teacher in our dedicated Art and Technology room. It is important that each pupil experiences a sense of pride in having their artwork displayed for all to see. We display pupil work throughout school, run exhibitions and enter pupil work into local art exhibitions.