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A Level Further Mathematics

A Level Further Mathematics

Head of Department: Mrs H Fraser BSc PGCE (East Anglia)


Mathematics gives us a glimpse of God’s perfection – His beauty, His infinity, His truth, His power. Mathematics empowers us to discover the intelligence of the world and to appreciate the order, the beauty, the magnitude and the mystery of God’s creation. Hence, mathematics derives its purpose, meaning, and value from God. 

At St Edmund’s we try to ensure that all pupils receive a thorough mathematical education, tailored to each pupil’s ability and sufficiently rigorous to enable them to realise their full potential but that most of all they enjoy their Mathematics’ lessons. 

Past examination results and the popularity of the subject at A Level and beyond show that we are very successful in achieving our aim. 


Facilities and Resources 

The Mathematics Department has a suite of six specialised Mathematics rooms. Classes have access to computing facilities and departmental tablets, which are used to enhance teaching and learning. 


Extra-Curricular Mathematics 

Students of all ages are invited annually to take part in the UK Schools Mathematics Challenges and team challenges. Many students each year gain awards at Gold, Silver and Bronze levels and we have a history of exceptional performance in the team challenge. 

We also offer a range of extra-curricular activities and support, which include Algebra Certificate, Maths clinic, Maths games and Maths challenge preparation. 



All Elements and Rudiments pupils follow the National Curriculum course at KS3. They follow a differentiated and challenging scheme of work and pupils are internally assessed fortnightly, allowing us to track progress effectively. 

Pupils start studying the Edexcel GCSE course in Grammar. The course is studied over 3 years, allowing pupils to consolidate and review their understanding of all topics. Fortnightly assessments, combined with a differentiated scheme of work, allow us to effectively track pupil progress and produce excellent examination results. High ability pupils are accelerated to sit their GCSE a year early and progress to the Further Mathematics GCSE. 

Mathematics A Level is a popular choice and our pupils study the linear Edexcel course over 2 years. The department offers a high level of support, including revision sessions in the lead up to the examinations. Our results reflect this level of support and our A*/A % are significantly above the national average. We also offer Further Mathematics A Level to the most able and produce outstanding results. 


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