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A Level Geography

A Level Geography

Head Of Department: Mr D Webb MSc (Loughborough) BSc (Loughborough) PGCE (Buckingham)


Geography is not a narrow academic subject for the few. It is fundamental for everyone. It starts very early, when a young child encounters and begins to discover the world. At St Edmund’s College, we believe that geography can nourish and enrich a whole lifetime of learning.

Geography lessons in The College appeal to the student with an enquiring mind who is interested in the world beyond the classroom and wants to acquire skills which are varied and transferable to the 21st-century international workplace.

Students explore relevant contemporary themes such as global climate change and the implications of economic globalisation. There has never been a better or more important time to study Geography.

KS3 – In Years 7 and 8, we develop a solid foundation in geographical knowledge, understanding and skills, which are developed and built upon in each subsequent academic year. Students undertake valued coursework projects which prepare them for some of the investigative processes which they will tackle as part of the GCSE Geography course. Students study a range of Physical and Human Geography including Coasts and Rivers, Africa, Population Issues, Climate Change, and Urbanisation. Fieldwork forms a key part of our curriculum in all year groups.


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