A Level Media Studies

Head of Department: Mr L Woodward BA (Hons) (Bournemouth), MA (King’s College London)
Email: lwoodward@stedmundscollege.org

A Level Media Studies equips with the tools to understand the ever-shifting and changing role of the mass media in contemporary society. As technology continues to change the fundamental ways in which messages and information are communicated, students will be encouraged to think critically in evaluating the influence of the media and the extent to which it shapes our views and experiences of the world. Effectively tackling these issues and debates requires engagement with a range of disciplines, from social sciences and politics, to semiotics, linguistics and audience reception theory.

Equally, media production stimulates students’ creative and technical abilities. It provides students with an insight into planning, organising, executing and presenting products across different media platforms. This practical experience further develops students’ analytical eye by allowing them to experiment with different codes, conventions, techniques and devices. Both the examined and practical elements of the subject promote students’ debating, reasoning and social skills and their ability to work effectively with others.