Sixth Form Scholarships

The prospect of Sixth Form education at St Edmund’s College is a most exciting, challenging and important one.  It offers you a superbly supportive environment which will not just provide a passport to the best universities, art schools and other institutions of higher education in Britain and abroad, but also offer you two years of discovery, stimulation and challenge.

All students interested in joining our Sixth Form are able to apply for a scholarship and further information about each scholarship offered is available below.

The deadline for Sixth Form scholarships for students wishing to join our Sixth Form in September 2021 is Monday 9th November 2020 by 10am (please note this is a change of date to that printed in the prospectus).

The information and application forms (below) and the online St Edmund’s Registration (for external students) must be completed by this date.  Please scan and email all scholarship application forms to Mrs Juliet Edwards at

Cardinal Allen Academic Scholarship

The examination date is Saturday 21st November 2020 held at St Edmund’s College, in various rooms to ensure social distancing and all COVID government guidelines are adhered to.

There will be a two hour written paper to test the candidate’s general academic ability. The paper will require the candidate to give opinions, discuss intellectual interests and analyse a piece of factual text. The paper is not subject-specific. Candidates will then sit a further paper of one hour in an academic subject of their own choosing (this does not need to be a subject that you intend to study at A Level).

Please note

Due to COVID-19, we are continually monitoring and updating our processes in accordance with government guidance. Therefore, the Examination and Scholarship information may be subject to change. Please do check regularly for the most up-to-date information from the College. For those of you that are registered, we will write to you in the event of a further date or procedural change with regards to our Examinations and Scholarships.