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Prep scholarships

For children already at St Edmund’s Prep, or for those wishing to join us at 7+ (Form 3), the William Ward 7+ Scholarship is awarded to children who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and talents in either music, art or sport.

Scholarships are awarded following an interview with our Head of Prep and an assessment task.

Successful applicants receive a reduction in fees for attending St Edmund’s Prep (applicable for up to four years). The William Ward 7+ Scholarship is not automatically transferred to a place at St Edmund’s College.

How to apply

For children not currently attending St Edmund’s Prep, please complete a registration form and submit a letter to our Head of Prep requesting entry to our Scholarship examination.

If you need any assistance please contact Prep Admissions on 01920 824239 or email:


Scholarship application deadline: Friday 12 January 2024
Scholarship examination:  Monday 22 January 2024