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Drama at St Edmund’s College is a place of trust, enjoyment and creativity.

We believe that when we have built foundations of how to move and speak in any kind of performance space, whilst experimenting with different characters and themes, we can reach to the highest levels of attainment. We challenge all pupils to work with a range of themes from different cultures, historical periods and contemporary play texts.

All pupils in Elements, Rudiments, and Grammar (years 7-9) have lessons on Drama on their timetable and enjoy performing in our main Douay Hall and smaller black box studio. We do not only concentrate upon performance as actors but explore how to use design elements to bring enhance our performances. Pupils work collaboratively in every lesson, developing their confidence, team building, listening and analytical skills.

At GCSE we deliver Eduqas Drama which is an extremely popular option. Pupils enjoy studying a range of texts, go to the theatre and devise their own plays using practitioners’ techniques. Pupils choose to specialize as performers, costume and makeup designers, set and sound designers.

At A Level Drama is an increasingly popular option and offers pupils the chance to deepen their understanding of Theatre from a very creative perspective.

Pupils also have the chance to take part in a broad range of clubs, including some of the following:

  • Senior Drama Production (Nineteen Eighty Four – 2021, DNA – 2019)
  • Junior Drama Production (The Wind in the Willows – 2022)
  • Whole School Film production (Romeo and Juliet, what happened next? 2018)
  • Stage combat workshops
  • Stage makeup and design weekly club
  • Sound design workshops
  • Lighting design workshops with JLLighting
  • House Drama competition
  • Elements Drama club


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