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This section gives an overview of sport at the College.  For fixture information and results please click here.

Sport is an integral part of our ethos at St Edmund’s College as we strive to educate the whole person, mind, body and spirit. We aim to create an inspirational learning experience promoting health and wellbeing through inclusive sport and physical activity for all, while nurturing those striving for sporting excellence.  We are dedicated to fostering talent and enhancing natural ability, and we inspire all our young athletes to strive boldly for personal growth and athletic excellence. 

Main College Sport
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Across the St Edmund’s Prep and College, we promote inclusive sport and physical activity by providing a diverse range of main sports, alongside a varied Physical Education (PE) curriculum and extensive co-curricular activities programme. Students are therefore exposed to a wide range of sports, including Lacrosse, Table Tennis, Handball, cardiovascular fitness, physical development and Strength & Conditioning. 

St Edmunds College offers a breadth of sporting activities and a competitive fixture list where the school competes locally and nationally in our main team sports. Athletes who excel in at least two or more of the Colleges main sports listed above to A team standard are invited to apply for a scholarship.  Within our vision for sport and physical activity, our primary focus is to continue to expand the competitive element into other sports including, Basketball, Badminton, Golf, Table Tennis, Girls’ Cricket and Girls’ Rugby.  

Aspiring Athlete

The Aspiring Athlete Programme was designed to give our most talented athletes from all year groups the chance to advance in their respective sports by offering specialised training and coaching. We aim to create an elite environment within the school setting which provides a strong educational foundation for what is required to succeed at the very highest levels of sports performance. 

This is accomplished by using a variety strategy, including resistance training, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, as well as instilling foundational knowledge about nutrition, psychological techniques, recovery, injury prevention, and rehabilitation for people who have just had an injury. This extra support is given to students who want to achieve in sports so they can work towards their sporting objectives. 

We pride ourselves on providing an Aspiring Athlete Programme that supports and mentor our athletes in their quest to optimise their sporting potential alongside their academic potential both at school and in their future aspirations.  

All Sports Scholars will be invited to the Aspiring Athletes Programme by the Director of Sport, but other students may also be included to the Programme at  the discretion of the Head of Boys’ and Head of Girls’ Games as needed. 


Located in 400 acres of beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, St Edmund’s offers a wide variety of sports facilities including extensive playing fields, a full-sized hockey astro pitch, swimming pool, and outdoor netball courts which are turned into tennis courts during the summer months.   

Our Chapel pitch provides an aspirational setting for all students who want to represent the college at the highest level. The sports hall is regularly utilised for a range of activities including badminton, basketball, indoor cricket nets, short tennis, table tennis and netball.   

In the past year, we have developed the St Edmund’s College Performance Gym, which has all new customised strength and conditioning equipment set in an environment which was designed and painted with motivational quotes and murals by two of our A level Art students and our Head of Art and PE Staff.  This now compliments our cardiovascular exercise suite which includes a range of rowing machines, exercise bikes, cross trainers and treadmills.   

Throughout the year we transform our large field space, to accommodate a range of sports, including rugby, football, cricket, and athletics track to facilitate our extensive sporting programme and fixture list. 

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