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Period 7 enrichment

We believe that enrichment and co-curricular opportunities are vital to providing an all-round education.

In Sixth Form, students benefit from the diverse range of activities available through our Period 7 enrichment programme, which offers a choice of 100+ clubs, societies and activities.

P7 activities:

Students select five P7 options per week and activities change across the three terms to ensure a breadth of activities.

Period 7 supports the holistic development of Edmundians and a chance to develop abilities or strengths that may not emerge in academic life. Not only do young people gain tangible benefits from P7 activities, they also build transferable skills and grow as individuals.


Period 7 is an important part of our curriculum; the activities broaden horizons, promote self-reliance, confidence and enable students to mix and work together. Everyone can excel in their own way.