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Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Rhetoric is an exciting time and a perfect preparation for life at university and beyond.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is the ideal way to explore your creative thinking, academic passion and independent research abilities – in a topic of your own choosing!

This popular qualificaiton is an opportunity to gain valuable UCAS points, in addition to your A Level courses – plus a range of wider skills which are highly valued by employers and universities.

What is an EPQ?

An EPQ is an opportunity to research a topic of your choice, to produce one of the following:

  • Research-based written report
  • Production (e.g. dance, charity event, sports event, fashion show)
  • Artefact (e.g. a piece of art, composed musical performance, computer game)

Choosing to study an EPQ allows you to work with great freedom and to take the initiative. It’s a great balance to the structured A Level qualifications.

What is involved?

St Edmund’s will support you in developing the skills you need to complete an EPQ, including planning, research and project management skills.

The complete course takes approx. 120 hours of study time to complete and is 100% coursework based.

Where will your EPQ take you?