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House Captains Honeysuckle Plummer and Joshua Jones, House Mistress: Mrs Amy Robinson.


History of Pole House

Pole House is one of the more recently formed Houses; now established for more than 20 years. It has established itself in that time as a very strong influence within the College in all disciplines of College life. Pole students demonstrate perseverance and inspiration in academic work, fortitude and spirit in sport and compassion and consideration in social relationships.

Pole House takes it name from our Patron Blessed Margaret Pole (Countess of Salisbury), who was martyred for her faith in the 16th century during the Reformation, under the instructions of Queen Elizabeth I. The House was originally set up as a House for girls in 1984, when our sister school “Poles Convent” closed and the then Headmaster was persuaded to take on in ever increasing numbers girls wanting a Catholic education. In 1990 the numbers of girls in comparison to boys had grown significantly and as a result, all Houses were fully integrated and developed into the format you see today.

Pole has very distinctive qualities and these develop through the encouragement of loyalty, endeavour, tolerance, creativity, leadership and integrity. The Head of House and team of Tutors offer support and encouragement for the students to strive to achieve their potential by nurturing their individual qualities. Pole House has a strong sense of community, which is underpinned by the many events and activities which take place throughout the College year. The progression from new member to senior member of House is a fully integrated journey.

The House members socialise together and are extremely supportive of each other; we believe in the value of good role models and the importance of striving to be the best that you can be. We encourage leadership roles through the tutor groups and through the House Prefect system with varying levels of responsibility. I am pleased to report that many Pole students have risen through the ranks to hold the top student positions of Head Boy and Head Girl. We award ‘House Colours’ ties to demonstrate appreciation and these are given on the basis of participation, application and endeavour and those who are awarded top honours will certainly display the “role model” qualities, which we hold in such high esteem.


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