Bishop John Douglass is recorded in the “Founder’s Window” in the North wall of the Chapel giving Communion to four students. He arrived at Old Hall Green on 16 November 1793 with four students returning from exile in Douay to join the Old Hall Green Academy. It was on this day that the combined schools were placed under the patronage of St Edmund. John Douglass was a great organiser; much of his life, apart from establishing St Edmund’s College was spent providing funding and welfare for French priest and nuns who were being expelled from France. Bishop Douglass died in 1812 and is now buried under the Sanctuary. A plaque behind the hymn board records his interment.

The Housemaster, Mr Davies writes; As a House we have been located in various parts of the College; more recently in what are now the modern language classrooms, then into the top girls’ boarding corridor. One of Joseph Pike’s pencil sketches hanging on the President’s Gallery shows the Ambulacrum, circa 1923, as “now reserved for members of Douglass House”; it would appear that we’ve come home!

Douglass House is more than a location; responsibility, consistency, high standards and care for others are some of the values set by my predecessors (Mr J Vaughan Shaw, Mrs J Neal, and Mrs C Lewis). We are caretakers of the ‘House Spirit’ and seek to preserve the ideals of John Douglass, all our forebears and Patron and hope that they can be expressed in our students as they grow and mature. Leadership, commitment and compassion are rewarded as each term unfolds in a variety of ways. Awards are regularly given to students who have exemplified the ideals set out above in some way.