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House Captains Mayode Ibironke and Joseph Roberts, House Master – Mr Farai Mandizha.

I joined St Edmund’s College in September 2018 as a teacher of Economics and Business. Since then, I have been a member of Douglass and have been privileged to witness the development of the brilliant young people who are part of this House. It was an honour to be appointed as Housemaster in July 2022. Douglass House is no ordinary House; it is a community made up of amazing tutors who are ready to provide guidance and allow all Douglassians to thrive and enjoy their time here at St Edmund’s College, and I am blessed to lead such a team. In Douglass, we aim to develop caring, thoughtful, mature, dedicated and generous students. Our House is named after Bishop John Douglass, and he worked incredibly hard to set up our College and provide refuge to French nuns and priests who were fleeing persecution. So, in all our efforts, we draw inspiration from him and aim to instil such virtues in all those in Douglass.

However, this does not mean we abandon our pursuit of excellence. I aim to push the students to be the best they can be and to utilise their God-given potential in all that they do here at St Edmund’s; be it in the classroom, on the field or in how they interact with all staff and other students. Respect and excellent behaviour are key virtues as we try and mould these precious young people into responsible global citizens.


History of Douglass House

Bishop John Douglass is recorded in the “Founder’s Window” in the North wall of the Chapel giving Communion to four students. He arrived at Old Hall Green on 16 November 1793 with four students returning from exile in Douay to join the Old Hall Green Academy. It was on this day that the combined schools were placed under the patronage of St Edmund. John Douglass was a great organiser; much of his life, apart from establishing St Edmund’s College was spent providing funding and welfare for French priests and nuns who were being expelled from France. Bishop Douglass died in 1812 and is now buried under the Sanctuary. A plaque behind the hymn board records his interment.

Douglass House Prayer

Lord, we ask that you bless us with the grace to be proud of our House, to take part in all that the House has to offer,

And to use our talents as Jesus taught us,

For the glory of Douglass House.

And for you, Oh Lord.

May you look with your love upon all Douglass Students, past, present and future.

Inspiring in them; courage, humility and dedication.

In all that we do, Oh Lord, we praise you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.



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