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GCSE Latin

GCSE Latin

Head of Department: Ms L Hill BA (Sussex), PGCE (Reading)
Latin Specification: EDUQAS/WJEC GCSE (9-1)

The Languages Faculty will be adopting the new EDUQAS/WJEC GCSE to ensure a balanced syllabus, with an attractive combination of language, literature and civilisation components.

Component 1: Latin Language (50%)

Students will develop fluency in translation and comprehension through reading passages of Latin on mythological and historical themes. They will build on their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar and will also have an opportunity to try their hand at translating from English to Latin.

Component 2: Literature and Sources (30%)

A chance to explore a range of historical sources, mostly in the original Latin, on a theme such as ‘Love and Marriage’, ‘Growing up in Ancient Rome’ or ‘Readers and Writers’. Students will develop skills in reading original texts and analysing sources.

Component 3 (20%)

Either 3a Latin Literature: Narratives

Students will read an extract from one of the great works of Latin Literature, such as Virgil’s epic poem, the Aeneid or Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

Or 3b Roman Civilisation

Students will investigate Roman historical sources on a topic such as ‘Roman Britain’, ‘Daily Life in Ancient Rome’ or ‘Leisure and Entertainment’.


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