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GCSE Computer Science

Develop your computing skills, and prepare for the rapidly-changing 21st century work place.

Supported by inspiring teaching and access to innovative technology resources, GCSE Computing at St Edmund’s develops essential skills, using an engaging, real-world approach:

  • Exploring contemporary skills in the OCR syllabus, based on OCR connections with sector leaders such as Microsoft, Google and Cisco.
  • Developing cyber security knowledge and skills in areas including phishing, malware, firewalls and people.
  • Gaining computational thinking skills, applying theory to real-life scenarios, across a range of computing languages.
  • Experimenting with new-found programming skills by tackling coding projects designed to encourage agile thinking.

Computer Science is part of the English Baccalaureate.

Head of Department Mr K Fry BSc MSc
Syllabus OCR J277(9-1)


Course structure

Computer systems
  • Systems architecture
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Network topologies, protocols and layers
  • System security
  • System software
  • Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns
Computational thinking, algorithms and programming
  • Algorithms
  • Programming techniques
  • Producing robust programs
  • Computational logic
  • Translators and facilities of language
  • Data representation
  • Computer systems – written paper (1 hour 30 minutes), 50% of the mark
  • Computational thinking, algorithms and programming – written paper (1 hour 30 minutes), 50% of the mark
In today’s world, computers are integral to all aspects of life and many organisations have a high-demand for people who understand how to apply technology to different contexts and scenarios.

Future pathways

The rapid innovation and expansion of technology into all aspects of our lives has created a high demand for computer scientists in many organisations, all around the world.

Such is the demand for technology skills, that young people who study computer science at university can expect to command a high graduate starting salary in this thriving sector.