We have a long tradition of academic excellence at St Edmund’s and we are proud of the hard-working and committed students who have helped to build our reputation by achieving their personal bests.

The curriculum on offer at the College is delivered through our various academic departments, which are listed in the drop-down menu above. In recent years, all of our departments have been refurbished and improved and we now provide many specialist classrooms and the latest equipment required for modern teaching methods. However, traditional teaching practices are still very much used today and we feel that they complement more modern practices.

Throughout the College, students are taught in small classes in which they stand the best chance of successful learning. Our staff are committed to preserving the humanity, dignity and discipline which are the foundations of successful teaching and learning at St Edmund’s College.

Use the grid below to visit our Departments.

Art, Crafts & Design

The GCSE Art, Craft and Design course is for students who enjoy creative work and who wish to develop their visual language skills

Business Studies

Business Studies provides students with a preliminary insight into the business world and stimulate interest

Design & Technology

Design and Technology is taught from Elements (Year 7) to Grammar (Year 9) as part of their curriculum and then as option for GCSE and A Level


GCSE Drama fosters candidates’ creativity, personal growth, self-confidence, communication and analytical skills

English & English Literature

The English department is fortunate to have a team of highly experienced, well-qualified teachers able to inspire and motivate students.


Geography is a popular subject in the school: compulsory in Years 7-9


The department is well supported by a very sizeable selection of books in the school library.


We believe that the computer, given its immense potential in unleashing creativity and increasing productivity


students are invited to express their preference of which language they start studying from French, German or Spanish


Mathematics is one of the key subjects in the curriculum of ALL pupils and do not let anyone tell you differently


The Music School has a vibrant musical programme,around 300 music lessons a week

Religious Education

At St Edmund's, Religious Education is a compulsory subject for all students.


The main aim of Science is to ignite in the students a passion to find about the world they live in

Computer Science

Our new GCSE (9-1) Computer Science builds on the previous qualification development in this field.


The Languages Faculty will be adopting the new EDUQAS/WJEC GCSE to ensure a balanced syllabus.

Physical Education

Studying GCSE (9-1) Physical Education will open students' eyes to the world of sports performance.