College Scholarships

At St Edmund’s College we offer scholarships at two entry points; Year 7 (Elements) and Sixth Form.  All scholarships offer a reduction in school fees for the duration the student is at the College.

Elements (Year 7) Scholarships

Douay Academic Scholarship Awarded on the basis of performance in the entrance examination.
Old Hall Academic Scholarships Awarded to Catholic students who are currently in a Catholic school (and have been there for the last two years).  This scholarship is awarded on the basis of performance in the entrance examination.
All Rounder Scholarships Awarded to a child who is competent academically and also able to make a substantial contribution to other areas of life at St Edmund's.  Contributions might be to one or more aspects of school, such as drama, technology, the Catholic life of the College, specialised sports or outdoor pursuits.  Students applying for this award should provide evidence of their participation in these areas.
Art Scholarships Awarded to a student who will make a significant contribution to the artistic life of the College. This award is decided by examination of a portfolio and a test.
Music Scholarships Awarded to a student who will make a significant contribution to the musical life of the College through participation in the Schola Cantorum (choir), Orchestra or other musical ensembles. This award is decided by audition and includes the provision of free tuition in two instruments. To apply for this award students are required to play two instruments and must be Grade 5 or above in at least one instrument (voice can be counted as one instrument). Music Exhibitions may also be awarded which give free tuition in either one or two instruments.
Sport Scholarships Awarded by open competition and references from sport clubs or teachers where the child is already involved in sport at a very high level. Scholars will be expected to play a full and sustained role in the sporting life of the College.

Key Dates for September 2019 Elements (Year 7) Admission

Registration date for scholarships and bursaries Scholarship applications for 2019 are now closed the closing date was Friday 30th November 2018 by midday
Registration date (no scholarship or bursary application) Thursday 13th December 2018 by midday
Entrance Examination Dates Saturday 19th January 2019 or
Monday 21st January 2019
Art Scholarship Assessment Date Thursday 10th January 2019
Sport Scholarship Assessment Date Monday 14th January 2019 (boys)
Wednesday 16th January 2019 (girls)
Music Scholarship Assessment Date Thursday 17th January 2019 and
Friday 18th January 2019

Scholarship Information Sheets and Application Forms

Sixth Form Scholarship Applications

At 16+, Cardinal Allen Scholarships are available and are decided by open competition using the results of specially set scholarship examinations, interview and previous school reports.  Academic, Music, Sport and Art scholarships are available.

Candidates for this scholarships would be expected to achieve all A/A* grades or 7 or above grade in reformed GCSEs.

Key dates for September 2019 Sixth Form (Rhetoric) Admission

Scholarship application closing date Tuesday 6th November 2018 by midday - Admission for Sixth Form Scholarship is now closed.
Scholarship Examination Date: Saturday 17th November 2018
Rhetoric Scholarship Assessment dates: Music - Monday 12th November 2018
Art - Tuesday 13th November 2018
Sport - Thursday 15th November 2018