On the evening of Tuesday 14th November, the CCF hosted its largest Annual Remembrance Dinner yet.  Our senior cadets joined the Contingent Commander, Headmasters, Bursar, SSI and Officers for a formal Mess Dinner held in the Parlour.  This annual event offers a fantastic opportunity to our cadets to experience the formalities and etiquette of a Mess Dinner, including the black-tie dress code, speeches, and formal toasts.


For the first time this year, we were treated to a fantastic performance of a stick routine by our very own Corps of Drums, which was worthy of any military event.  Thanks were given to Capt John Shaw and Lieutenant Nick Eliasson for their time and efforts with our growing Corps of Drums, which meets every Monday, Period 7 in the CCF Hut.


The Headmaster and Contingent Commander, in their speeches, recognised the achievements of all of our cadets, in particular the members of the Cambrian Patrol team who won a Bronze medal last summer.  Acknowledgements and thanks were offered to the CCF staff, for their continued selfless commitment, and our partnership with Goffs Academy – whose students form a growing part of our Contingent – was celebrated.   Lieutenant Jilly Colbran was presented with the CCF Sword, to recognise her long service to the CCF as she sadly leaves the College at the end of this term.