St Edmund’s College held its annual House Music event, with the theme ‘Locations’. Houses were encouraged to be as creative as possible in their interpretation of the theme, with different groups taking on different styles and genres. The competition was fierce, with Challoner House taking on a piano solo of ‘New York’, Douglas House performing ‘Waka Waka’, Pole House performing a medley of ‘Shallow’, ‘West Virginia’, and ‘Take Me Home’, and Talbot House performing a piano solo of ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’. However, it was Poynter House who won the competition, performing a medley of ‘Around the World’. It was the first time in 30 years that Poynter House had won the competition, and the students were ecstatic to receive the trophy. The event was a great success, with students from all Houses taking part and showing their appreciation for each other’s work. It was a great demonstration of the talent and creativity of the students at St Edmund’s College.