Challenging yourself in Geography is all about independent learning. Remember that Geography is everywhere and not just in the classroom!
#sumItUp Competition


The #Youth4ClimateLive Series is launching the #SumItUp competition with an opportunity for YOU to win a chance to participate in the Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition event in Milan ahead of the 2021 Pre-COP26, as well as have your creative work promoted!


The Royal Geographical Society Young Geographer of the Year Competition – 2021 date tbc

The Young Geographer of the Year is the Society’s annual competition which recognises the outstanding work of the next generation of geographers. With its age ranges spanning the primary years to A Level, the competition encourages thoughtful and creative answers to the competition’s theme which is set each year.


The Geographical Association – Physical Geography Student Photo Competition

The physical geography photo competition runs annually. It is announced in spring and the closing date is the end of summer, giving students the summer break in which to produce an entry. The competition is run by the Physical Geography Special Interest Group, and while the theme changes every year, the ethos remains: to encourage students to explore the land around them and photograph an aspect of physical geography, explained in their caption.
Cambridge University Fitzwilliam College Land Economy Essay Competition – Deadline 21 May, 2021.

  1. ‘Governments should be accountable to their citizens for loss caused by climate change’. Discuss.
  2. To what extent are problems in providing sufficient affordable housing a consequence of a real estate paradigm which emphasises the economic rather than the social importance of property?
  3. Critically analyse the costs and benefits of a large-scale infrastructure project of your choice. In making this assessment, consider in particular any regional disparities and how they are affected by such projects


The Royal Geographical Society and Financial Times – 2021 date and title tbc


The David W. Smith Memorial Prize in association with The Royal Geographical Society – Deadline May 1, 2021.

This year we are delighted to launch a digital mapping competition with the theme: The Coloniality of Cities and the Built Environment. This competition aims to map place-based stories from cities of the Global South to understand how colonial rule continues to shape cities. See website for further guidance.


Discover Downing

Thinking Allowed – Podcast. Thinking Allowed is a BBC Radio 4 programme presented by former Professor of Sociology Laurie Taylor, looking for half an hour at some current social science research. Recent topics have included street demonstrations in Rio, Russia’s upper class, the cultural meaning of pain, Christmas rituals and European Islamic youth culture. Grab a cup of tea, find a comfy chair, and enjoy.


CRASSH Blog – CRASSH is the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, based in Cambridge. Their blog invites contributors from a range of different subjects to discuss current issues and their research – popular recent examples include a look into conspiracy and climate change, feminist activism and the future of artificial intelligence.


Gresham College Lectures – Gresham College, founded in 1597, exists to disseminate knowledge by providing free public lectures. You can view past lectures on their website – recent highlights include ‘Are video games bad for children?’, ‘Is human evolution over?’ and ‘When galaxies collide’.


The Geological Society of London is delighted to host its longstanding Public Lecture series throughout 2021. These are being held remotely.


The Oxford Arts Blog – Arts and Humanities – The latest news and views in the arts, humanities and culture at Oxford University.


Routes – The Journal for student geographers. A new, peer-reviewed digital journal for sixth form geographers looking to read and publish geographical knowledge.
Good Luck and if you have any questions, please come and speak to the Geography department.