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The College Day

The College Day – Timetable

In the College our year groups are named after the stages of the learning of Latin and are as follows

  • Year 7 – Elements
  • Year 8 – Rudiments
  • Year 9 – Grammar
  • Year 10 – Syntax
  • Year 11 – Poetry

Our Sixth Form our called Rhetoricians.

The year groups are then also grouped into Bounds, the lower school, Years 7 – 9 and First Division, Years 10 – 13. At the College the school day (for day students) runs from 8.40am until 4.30pm. There are six teaching periods, allotted break times plus an activities hour at the end of the day.


Time Activity
8:40am Buses arrive, Registration & House Prayers
9:00am Lesson 1
9:50am Lesson 2
10:40am Morning Break
11:00am Lesson 3
11:50am Lesson 4 (Elements (Year 7 to lunch every day at 12.30pm)
12:40pm Lesson 5a OR Lunch in the College Refectory (Rudiments to Rhetoric are on a weekly rota)
1:30am Registration
1:40pm Lesson 5b OR Lunch in the College Refectory (Rudiments to Rhetoric are on a weekly rota)
2:30pm Lesson 6
3:30pm Co-curricular session except Wednesday for Grammar and Syntax)
4:30pm (4.25 on a Friday) End of School Day
4:40pm (4.35pm on a Friday) Buses Leave
1.35pm Registration
1.40pm Period 5
2.30pm Tutor Period (Mass/PHSE/Tutor)
3.20pm St Edmund Award/The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award/Community Service/CCF/Outdoor Activities
4.35pm Buses Leave
4:30 Extended Day

The Parent, Student, Boarders and Religious Life handbooks are invaluable sources of information and are available below for your information.



Boarding HandbookParent Handbook 2022Student Handbook 2022Religious Life Handbook 2022


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