Welcome from the Head of House, Miss A Dunning:
I am very pleased to be the Housemistress of such a happy and successful House. I have taught Modern Languages at the College since 2004 and, in my time here as a teacher and boarding tutor, I have got to know many Talbotians and have been impressed by the commitment they have shown to their House. I aim to continue to nurture this commitment and dedication to all aspects of our community, whilst supporting and encouraging pupils to strive for, and achieve, academic success. I am supported by an excellent team of tutors, all of whom have our students’ best interests at heart.

History of Talbot House

Of the five Houses currently at St Edmund’s, Talbot House was one of the original three founded in September 1922. Whilst Douglass House was for those students who were being prepared to enter the priesthood, Talbot along with Challoner House, was intended “for those who are to aim afterwards at the services, professions, or the higher walks of commercial and industrial life.” Talbot House was named after Bishop James Talbot (1726-1790) who was the last Catholic priest to be tried under the Penal Laws in the eighteenth century and who brought the school to Old Hall in 1769, the site that the College now occupies. Bishop Talbot is buried in Mortuary Lane which leads to the College Chapel.

Past Housemasters and Housemistresses
  • LE Ayres, MA 1922-1925
  • GE Headlam, MA 1926
  • Rev LA Clark 1927-1933
  • Rev J Stevenson 1933-1937
  • Rev J A Scholles, BA 1937-1942
  • Rev W Purney 1942-1949
  • Rev DJ Norris 1949-1953
  • Rev L Allan, MA 1953-1958
  • Rev OB Kelly, MA 1958-1964
  • Rev CA Garvey 1964-1966
  • Rev B V Lagrue, MA, MSc, FRAS 1966-1969
  • Rev D C Higgins, MA, MusB, FRCO 1969-1975
  • JF Piper, BA 1975-1994
  • Mrs PH Pond, BSc 1994-2001
  • D P Wadsworth, BEd 2001-2002
  • A D Petty, BA, FRSA 2002-2007
  • G West, BSc 2007 – 2008
  • Miss AM Dunning, BA Sept 2008 – Present