News during #lockdown

During the national closure of schools, you will find related news on this page. If you have news that you would like to share, please get in contact with Melanie Burke

Prayer and reflection from Father Peter 22nd May 2020

Artwork Gallery

We are delighted to share with you some of our students’ artwork they have been busy creating during this time of virtual learning.




Prayer and reflection from Father Peter 15th May 2020


Creative writing through the lockdown

This lockdown period has given our Poets opportunity to take inspiration from the current situation to develop their creative writing skills.  We are delighted to share a few of their poems, a scene from a play or a chapter from a novel.

Zooming cars by Rudiments

Miss Healy set some of the Rudiments a Design and Technology challenge to design and make a car that could actually move in someway.  They had to use items from around the house such as food packaging and devise a way for them to move with some great results using balloons and rubber bands.  Well done to you all for some great creations; that really did zoom!!!

Thoughts for the Easter Holidays

Thank you Keyworkers and the NHS

As a community we are so grateful for our wonderful NHS and also our key workers especially those within the our Edmundian community.  Saying thank you, such simple words and gestures that mean so much so we have tried to raise some smiles in a number of ways.

The staff of the College also raised a few smiles with an end of term video!!

Safety glasses donated to NHS

With a global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), the community are responding to urgent calls for help from the NHS.

At St Edmund’s College, we were pleased to put our safety glasses to use by donating them to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow.

Please help where you safely can and follow NHS advice.

#NHSThankYou letters

As a school, we are encouraging our students to write letters to say the inspiring NHS workers to say #NHSThankYou.

If you would like to include a letter to be distributed to a local hospital, please see the VLE task or email it to Mr Upton.

Please help where you safely can and follow NHS advice.

Students write letters to the elderly in care homes to combat loneliness

Practising social distancing can prove to be a lonely time for many, in particular, for our elderly.

To help to combat this loneliness, our students have been writing letters to share with care homes across the county, to distribute amongst the residents, with our first batch already delivered to Layston Grove and Highfield Care Homes.

The staff and residents at the care homes shared that these letters provided a huge lift during their week.

A huge thank you to Mr Hounsell, Mr Adams and Miss Simon for orchestrating this event.

If you would like to write a letter, please send it to

Guidelines for your letter

Older people are not going to see their grandchildren or any young people for months, so a couple of paragraphs will brighten someone’s day.

You could write about:

  • How you are now learning.
  • How this compares to being at school.
  • What are the good and bad things about being at home to learn?
  • If you have tried new things or activities.
  • Do you have brothers and/or sisters? How are they coping with this?
  • Ask about them and how they are.
  • You could also include a photo of something you made or your pets but make sure there are no people in it.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not put any personal information in the letter apart from (if you want) your first name.

Adapting to Virtual Learning

With the national closure of schools came the need to adjust to a new style of learning. Thankfully, with remote learning systems and incredible teaching staff, our students have been able to continue their studies in a new format.

We have been blown away by the commitment from staff, students and parents to the continuance of our students’ learning at St Edmund’s College and Prep. Just this week, virtual learning has allowed our students to go on a virtual trip to Paris and has allowed Dr Eves to demonstrate Quantum Physics (see video below!)