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Co Curriculum Life at St Edmund’s College

St Edmund’s College offers a unique array of co-curricular activities. We believe these are an important part of an all-round education and central to our commitment to develop the “Whole person”, as such they are an integral part of College Life. All pupils are encouraged to fully engage and participate in a wide range of opportunities, whether it is on trips and expeditions, sports fixtures and music recitals, inter-house events and competitions or through our Period 7 enrichment programme.

Period 7 Enrichment

Our Period 7 (P7) enrichment program runs across all year groups, from Elements to Rhetoric. We offer over a hundred different clubs and societies throughout the year, so there will always be something for everyone! The number of activities on offer are vast; ranging from Baking and Cooking to Computing and Coding, Criminology and Law to Superpower Geographies, Robotics to Model United Nations, Photography to Ball Room Dancing! A full list of the P7 activities for the Michaelmas Term can be found here.

Students select five P7 options per week using the SOCS platform and all activities will change across the three terms, ensuring that each individual experiences a diverse array of activities as possible. P7 is an important part of the College curriculum; such activities not only broaden an individual’s horizons, but they also help to promote self-reliance and self-confidence as well as allowing students of different year groups to mix and work together. They also promote the holistic development of Edmundians; a chance to develop abilities and strengths which may not always emerge in the academic side of school life. Not only do pupils derive many tangible benefits from involvement in these activities, but they also help develop core transferable skills that enable our students to grow as individuals.

Trips and Education Visits

The College also offers an impressive array of educational trips that travel far and wide both in the UK and overseas. Many of these trips are intended to support academic study and individual subjects. However, there are many that are aimed more at broadening individual horizons and personal growth. Some of the highlights for this coming year include adventure tours to both France and Costa Rica, cultural tours to Barcelona and to India, tours to Iceland, New York and Poland as well as two CCF camps, Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions and numerous day trips and shorter trips in the UK. Please follow the link to look at the College’s trip booklets for 2023/24.


“There is such a range of activities and opportunities available, that everyone can excel in their own way, and bring something different and new to our world.”


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