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Parent testimonials

I just wanted to write an end of term thank you for the wonderful first term x has had in Nursery. She's so happy there and it's all down to the fantastic Mrs Jones and her team - Miss Ingrao and Miss Hutton. x loves school and is excited by all the activities on offer - it's amazing to see it all on Tapestry with almost daily personalised posts. I honestly didn't think at only just 3 years old x would be so excited to be coming home and asking to do her phonics and numbers, saying her prayers, singing her Forest school songs and telling her sister she can already speak French because she learnt it at school! It was very special to see her lighting the advent candle and I was a bit overwhelmed with how much I loved spending the day with Nursery when we went to the panto - they are such a lucky little class! Also, a massive thank you to Ms Habergham for her care at Tea Timers - always welcoming and I know x feels at home there as she takes her shoes and socks off as soon as she walks in! (Sorry!!)
With x in their final last half term at St Edmund’s Prep, our family would like to thank you and all your staff for the last six years. It was the best decision we ever made to send our two children to St Edmund’s, and I’m sure that will have great memories of the school, I know I will.
It is this kindness that we know is what has helped draw my daughter out of herself since joining the Prep. We are sure that this is what will set her up well for joining the College in September. We really appreciate everyone and every minute you all give to the children.
Thank you for everything you have done to encourage, support, inspire and care for G, both personally and as a school, during her time here. St Edmund's is not your average school - it is such a wonderfully kind and caring place, full of incredibly dedicated and committed staff who really know and care about our children. In this environment, G has flourished, and so much of the individual she is today has been fostered by the wonderful values, opportunities and people that make St Edmund's Prep what it is.
We feel so privileged and grateful for all the opportunities and experiences that you and your staff worked so hard for the children to enjoy despite the extremely difficult and every-changing landscape of the pandemic!
These little people are the future and it's beautiful to see people like you leading them in a 'loving way'! The future was looking very uncertain and bringing light, love and hope was just a lovely thing to witness. The school and kids are very lucky to have a Headmaster like you!
Thank you doesn't seem like quite enough for all you have given to A and our family. We will be eternally grateful for providing such a wonderful environment to learn. A has blossomed, grown in confidence and lives the values she has been taught.
Your efforts, commitment and compassion, are evident always and valued enormously! We thank you for the encouragement you have given M, both spiritually and academically and the efforts you have gone to to celebrate his achievements.
We wish to thank you and all of Prep teachers and staff. The approach the Prep applies in teaching children both academically and spiritually is, in our opinion, unparalleled. Quite simply, we feel that without the influence, direction and support that X received from the day he joined the Prep, he would not be the young man he is today. With our sincere good wishes and thanks you and all staff at the Prep.
Good morning, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for last weeks learning! I approached the week with dread, bracing myself for the arguing, struggles and shouting matches with H, but I was very pleasantly surprised!

The approach that you have taken this year with going through the work with the children, rather than just setting it, is amazing and is really working. It is making life so much easier for us both!

So again, thank you very much.
I couldn’t let this week pass without emailing you. Every single time I walked past A this week, he is all logged on to his zoom call, and my heart just swelled every time I saw your face looking out. A has enjoyed every lesson and engaged 1000% with you. He tells me about all he has learned and is doing with you and I shall be forever in your debt. I have read and listened to many criticisms of home learning and the harm it is doing to this generation of children. However from what I have seen from home learning at St Edmunds, I just feel that you have all given my son such a huge advantage and he will clearly not be prejudiced in any way. I cannot praise you all enough. Thank you so very much for all you do.
Just a huge thank you to all of you at the Prep for the outstanding provision that has been put on at school this week. It has made a huge difference to us in what has been a challenging week and I feel very fortunate that the girls are being looked after so well.

A special thank you to [anonymised] and [anonymised] who have looked after I and H in class all week and have made the last few days such an enjoyable and productive experience for them. It really does mean a lot.
We just wanted to say what a fabulous first week back, A has loved every second of online schooling this week and really enjoys seeing her classmates and [anonymised] each day. The structure is much better this way with it resembling more of a usual day at school with lessons being taught as they would be in the classroom, credit to you [anonymised] as A seems to be thriving and being very independent with all her work. I feel I have no need to wear my ‘teachers hat’ this lockdown!
I just wanted to write to thank you and all the staff for, once again, being so organised with the curriculum and keeping everyone safe. I am very thankful for this and as you know very grateful A is going to St Edmund’s.