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Religious Life

Religious Life

Christ is at the heart of what we do.  Our mission statement ensures that each member of staff at the Prep strive to recognise and develop the unique God-given talent of each and every member of our community. 

We recognise difference and celebrate diversity.  The Prep School welcomes children from all faiths and none. Whilst being a Catholic school, one week each term is devoted to helping children discover other world religions.

We help children to build positive relationships with others.  Teaching the children to treat others with kindness, respect, consideration, good manners and love, always thinking of others before thinking of themselves.  We encourage children to reach their full potential, in mind, body and spirit together with helping them to recognise the uniqueness of friends and classmates.

We foster a sense of community with pupils, parents, staff and governors alike and support various charities, chosen by the children themselves, through our House system.

Prayer and reflection is encouraged and is seen as an essential part of life at the Prep with each day beginning and ending with a throughtful prayer.  The children attend assemblies three times a week and Mass in our own St Hugh’s Chapel on a fortnightly basis.

Being so closely linked to the oldest Catholic school in England, attending Masses in the Pugin Chapel helps nurture within the children a sense of history and pride for the community of which they are a part as well as inspiring a sense of awe and wonder.


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