Our teaching staff have a wealth of experience and create an atmosphere where learning and growing go hand in hand.  If you do need to contact a member of staff by email please use initialsurname@stedmundscollege.org or a list of all staff emails are at the bottom of this page.  All staff can also be contacted by phone via the main switchboard 01920 821504.

The staff are all guided by a highly capable Senior Leadership Team:

Headmaster/DSM Child Protection* – Mr P Durán BA MA (London)

Head of Prep School* – Mr S Cartwright BSc (Surrey)

Bursar* – Mr B Tomlinson BA (Hons) (London) ACMA

Senior Deputy Head* –  Ms K MacDonald BA (Hons) PGCE PQH (NI) (Belfast)

Senior Teacher in Charge of Religious Life/Charities Co-ordinator* – Mrs P Peirce BD AKC (London)

Deputy Head Pastoral/Deputy DSL Child Protection/Registrar* – Mr A D Petty BA (Wales) MSc (Herts), PGCE (Cantab), FRSA

Assistant Head (Community Life) – Mrs L Dunhill BSc (Hons) PGCE (Nottingham) (Maternity)

Assistant Head (Pastoral) – Mr G West BSc (East Anglia)

Assistant Head (Teaching and Learning) – Mrs C Noble BA (Hons) (Exeter), PGCE (Canterbury)

Assistant Head Academic (Timetable, Curriculum & Data) – Mrs R A K West BEd (Exeter)

Assistant Head of St Edmund’s Prep  – Mr G Duddy BEd (Wales) (Year 5, RE, Activities)

Deputy Head of St Edmund’s Prep/DLP Child Protection/Head of Academics – Dr F J F McLauchlan MA PhD (Cantab) (Director of Music and Performing Arts)

Director of External Relations – Mrs M Burke

Human Resources Director – Mrs H Duffy LLB (Hull) PGDL, Mrs L Nice BA (Hons) (Herts)

Priest in Residence – Revd Father P H Lyness, MA(Rhodes)

Technical Projects Director – Mr S Winfield MCSE

* Core Leadership Team

St Edmund's College and Prep Staff List - January 2018

Staff Contact Details

Senior Leadership Team
Headmaster - Mr P Durán head@stedmundscollege.org
Head of Prep School - Mr S Cartwright scartwright@stedmundscollege.org
Bursar - Mr B Tomlinson btomlinson@stedmundscollege.org
Senior Teacher in Charge of Religious Life/Charities Co-ordinator - Mrs P Peirce ppeirce@stedmundscollege.org
Senior Deputy Head* -  Ms K MacDonald BA (Hons) PGCE PQH (NI) (Belfast kmacdonald@stedmundscollege.org
Deputy Head Pastoral/Deputy DSL Child Protection/Registrar - Mr A Petty apetty@stedmundscollege.org
Assistant Head (Community Life) - Mrs L Dunhill (Maternity Leave) ldunhill@stedmundscollege.org
Assistant Head (Pastoral)/DSL Child Protection - Mr G West gwest@stedmundscollege.org
Assistant Head Academic (Teaching and Learning) - Mrs C Noble cnoble@stedmundscollege.org
Assistant Head Academic (Timetable, Curriculum and Data) - Mrs R A K West rwest@stedmundscollege.org
Director of External Relations - Mrs M Burke mburke@stedmundscollege.org
Technical Projects Director - Mr S Winfield swinfield@stedmundscollege.org
Deputy Head of St Edmund’s Prep/Head of Academics - Dr F J F McLauchlan fmclauchlan@stedmundscollege.org
Assistant Head of St Edmund's Prep - Mr G Duddy gduddy@stedmundscollege.org
Human Resource Directors - Mrs H Duffy and Mrs L Nice hrdirector@stedmundscollege.org
Priest in Residence - Fr P H Lyness plyness@stedmundscollege.org
Administration and Finance
PA to Mr P Durán, Mrs M Holden mholden@stedmundscollege.org
PA to Head and Prep SMT ebeaumont@stedmundscollege.org
Executive Assistant (Pastoral), Mrs N Shepherd nshepherd@stedmundscollege.org
PA to Mr S Cartwright, Mrs E Beaumont ebeaumont@stedmundscollege.org
PA to Mr B Tomlinson, Mrs L FLowerdew Iflowerdew@stedmundscollege.org
PA to Mr A Petty and Mrs K MacDonald, Mrs J Edwards jedwards@stedmundscollege.org
Director of External Relations , Mrs M Burke mburke@stedmundscollege.org
Admissions Officer, Mrs S Hebbs shebbs@stedmundscollege.org
School Secretary, Miss J Debnam jdebnam@stedmundscollege.org
Alumni Officer and External Relations, Mrs L Edmunds alumni@stedmundscollege.org
Art, Design and Technology
Miss A M Healy ahealy@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs J Armitage jarmitage@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs S Applegate sapplegate@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs K Moore kmoore@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs D Stringer dstringer@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs J Daly jdaly@stedmundscollege.org
Business Studies and Economics
Mr C Upton cupton@stedmundscollege.org
Mr M Fulford-Brown mfulfordbrown@stedmundscollege.org
Mr F Mandizha fmandizha@stedmundscollege.org
Miss L Sargent (Maternity Leave) lsargent@stedmundscollege.org
Mr T Ellen tellen@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs N Schiff nschiff @stedmundscollege.org
Mrs P Ager pager@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs S Appleford sappleford@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs K Evans kevans@stedmundscollege.org
Mr J Hayes jhayes@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs M McCann mmccann@stedmundscollege.org
Miss J McCarthy jmccarthy@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs P O’Neill poneill@stedmundscollege.org
Geography & History
Mrs C McNiece cmcniece@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs N Pitman npitman@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs T York tyork@stedmundscollege.org
Mr J R Stypinski jstypinski@stedmundscollege.org
Mr D Brett dbrett@stedmundscollege.org
Mr A D Petty apetty@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs C McNiece cmcniece@stedmundscollege.org
Miss C Regan cregan@stedmundscollege.org
Information Technology
Mr K R Fry kfry@stedmundscollege.org
Mr M Arif marif@stedmundscollege.org
Mr B Kovacevic bkovacevic@stedmundscollege.org
International Department
Mr L Hawkes lhawkes@stedmundscollege.org
Miss G Fanning gfanning@stedmundscollege.org
Ms L Hill lhill@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs R Carter rcarter@stedmundscollege.org
Miss A Dunning adunning@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs F Harvey-Keenan fharveykeenan@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs E Franco efranco@stedmundscollege.org
Mr C Holt cholt@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs K MacDonald kmacdonald@stedmundscollege.org
Miss S Rinaldi srinaldi@stedmundscollege.org
Miss M-C Simon msimon@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs H Fraser (Maternity Leave) hfraser@stedmundscollege.org
Mr M Arif marif@stedmundscollege.org
Dr L Banahan lbanahan@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs L Brown lbrown@stedmundscollege.org
Miss L Dunhill ldunhill@stedmundscollege.org
Mr N Harding nharding@stedmundscollege.org
Mr J Hounsell (Acting Head of Mathematics) jhounsell@stedmundscollege.org
Mr S Mohana mohana@stedmundscollege.org
Mr G Sargent gsargent@stedmundscollege.org
Mr G West gwest@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs R A West rwest@stedmundscollege.org
Media Studies
Mr L Woodward lwoodward@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs C Noble cnoble@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs K L Salter-Kay ksalterkay@stedmundscollege.org
Mr C Benham cbenham@stedmundscollege.org
Physical Education
Miss A Hebdon ahebdon@stedmundscollege.org
Mr A Cunnah acunnah@stedmundscollege.org
Mr K D Jones kjones@stedmundscollege.org
Mr O Plummer oplummer@stedmundscollege.org
Miss E Wilkins ewilkins@stedmundscollege.org
Mr N Kimsey nkimsey@stedmundscollege.org
Mr R Stokes rstokes@stedmundscollege.org
Mr J Adams jadams@stedmundscollege.org
Mr N Eliasson neliasson@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs M Martin mmartin@stedmundscollege.org
Religious Studies
Mrs A Moloney amoloney@stedmundscollege.org
Mr D D’Cruz ddcruz@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs M Martin mmartin@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs P Peirce ppeirce@stedmundscollege.org
Mr B Powell bpowell@stedmundscollege.org
Mr A J D Robinson arobinson@stedmundscollege.org
Brother Andrej Makovnik amakovnik@stedmundscollege.org
Miss M Towns mtowns@stedmundscollege.org
Dr N Cairns ncairns@stedmundscollege.org
Mr R Chapman rchapman@stedmundscollege.org
Mr M Connor mconnor@stedmundscollege.org
Dr J Eves jeves@stedmundscollege.org
Dr J Heslin jheslin@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs V Jauncey vjauncey@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs D Mallabone dmallabone@stedmundscollege.org
Ms J Marrinan jmarrinan@stedmundscollege.org
Mr D Webster dwebster@stedmundscollege.org
Cardinal Hume Centre, Learning Support
Mrs S Nicholson snicholson@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs L Barley lbarley@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs M Sargent msargent@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs N Wells nwells@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs J Marrinan jmarrinan@stedmundscollege.org
Mr B Powell bpowell@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs J Tyne jtyne@stedmundscollege.org


Boarding Staff
Mrs J Fletcher-Dyer jfletcherdyer@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs D Wilkinson dwilkinson@stedmundscollege.org
Mr A J D Robinson arobinson@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs D Parry dparry@stedmundscollege.org
Miss C Brown cbrown@stedmundscollege.org
St Edmund's Prep School
Head of St Edmund’s Prep School Mr S Cartwright scartwright@stedmundscollege.org
Deputy Head of St Edmund’s Prep Dr F J McLauchlan fmclauchlan@stedmundscollege.org
Assistant Head of St Edmund’s Prep Mr G Duddy gduddy@stedmundscollege.org
Head of EYFS Mrs V Penfold vpenfold@stedmundscollege.org
Nursery & Reception
Mrs P Jones pjones@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs V Penfold vpenfold@stedmundscollege.org
Miss K Simpson ksimpson@stedmundscollege.org
Years 1-6
Mrs G Boulter gboulter@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs A Chick achick@stedmundscollege.org
Ms E Worton e@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs N Crick ncrick@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs A Cutler acutler@stedmundscollege.org
Mr G Duddy gduddy@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs H Fox hfox@stedmundscollege.org
Mr G Goodfellow ggoodfellow@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs A Hewlett ahewlett@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs Z Kirton zkirton@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs C Mitton cmitton@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs M Murphy mmurphy@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs E Roper eroper@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs A Sayer asayer@stedmundscollege.org
Miss R Woodhead rwoodhead@stedmundscollege.org
Miss J Warnes jwarnes@stedmundscollege.org
Administration & Secretarial Support at the Prep
Mrs E Beaumont ebeaumont@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs T Leader tleader@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs T Dickinson tdickinson@stedmundscollege.org
Nursery and Teaching Assistants
Mrs I Antoniou iantoniou@stedmundscollege.org
Miss C Dee cdee@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs A Drabwell adrabwell@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs E Gifford egifford@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs S Goodfellow sgoodfellow@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs H Habergham hhabergham@stedmundscollege.org
Miss L Ingrao lingrao@stedmundscollege.org
Miss S Jones sjones@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs L Simson lsimson@stedmundscollege.org
Mrs S Smith ssmith@stedmundscollege.org
Mr C Hull chull@stedmundscollege.org
Mr M Robinson (sickness cover)
Swimming Coach
Mrs L Short lshort@stedmundscollege.org