*Core Leadership Team     

Headmaster/DSM Child Protection *
Mr M Mostyn BA (Hons) (Exeter) MA (Ed)
Headmaster of Prep School *
Mr S Cartwright BSc (Surrey)
Bursar *
Mr P Watkinson MBA (London) BSc (Reading)
Senior Deputy Head Pastoral *
Mr P Curran BSc (Hons) (Reading) PGCE (Swansea)
Deputy Head Academic*
Mrs S Sanders BA (Hons) (London) PGCE (Cantab)
Deputy Head of St Edmund’s Prep/DSL Child Protection
Dr F J F McLauchlan MA PhD (Cantab) (Director of Music and Performing Arts)
Assistant Head Academic (Timetable, Curriculum & Data)
Mrs R A K West BEd (Hons) (Exeter)
Assistant Head Academic (Teaching and Learning)
Mrs C Noble BA (Hons) (Exeter) PGCE (Canterbury)
Assistant Head (Community Life)/Deputy DSL Child Protection
Mrs L Dunhill BSc (Hons) PGCE (Nottingham)
Assistant Head (Pastoral)/DSL Child Protection
Mr G West BSc (East Anglia)
Assistant Head of St Edmund’s Prep
Mr G Duddy BEd (Wales) (Year 5, RE, Co-curricular, Trips & Visits)
Senior Teacher in Charge of Religious Life/Charities Co-ordinator *
Mrs P Peirce BD AKC (London)
Admissions and Marketing Director
Mrs M Burke
Head of Boarding
Mr A Smerdon BSc (Hons) (St Mary’s, Twickenham) PGCE (South Bank)
Human Resources Directors
Mrs H Duffy LLB (Hull) PGDL
Mrs L Nice BA (Hons) (Herts)

Priest in Residence
Revd Father P H Lyness MA (Rhodes)
Technical Projects Director
Mr S Winfield


Our teaching staff have a wealth of experience and create an atmosphere where learning and growing go hand in hand.  If you do need to contact a member of staff by email please use or a list of all staff emails are at the bottom of this page.  All staff can also be contacted by phone via the main switchboard 01920 821504.