Virtualisation Project

In September 2012 St Edmund’s completed it’s server and desktop virtualisation project which has allowed us to be more dynamic with our ICT provision as well as providing several other benefits to both the College and the environment.

Server virtualisation has allowed us to decrease the number of physical servers we have at St Edmund’s from over 30 to just 3. This has reduced the amount of space that is required in our server room, the amount of heat that is outputted and the level of power usage.

Through desktop virtualisation we have been able to remove PC’s from our ICT rooms and replace them with devices called zero clients.  These devices use a lot less power than a standard PC and give off very little heat making rooms more comfortable during the summer months.  A zero client is known as a remote computer as all of the work that is normally carried out on the PC is instead carried out on our servers.  This method of providing desktop computers also allows students to access College software on their own computers while in the College or from home over the internet.

As St Edmund’s was one of the first schools in the country to implement this type of solution on such a large scale we were approached by the software manufacturer to take part in a video and paper case study.  This is now available online and allows us to share our experiences with other schools.  To view the case study please click here.

Following the success of our project and case study we have had several online articles written about us which you can view below.

Computing article on why St Edmund’s College chose VMware over Citrix

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Information Age article on migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7

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Independent Education Today

IE Today is now well established as a market-leading magazine reporting on all aspects of the independent education sector.

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