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Guardianship Information

Guardianship Information

Conditions of Acceptance

It is a condition of acceptance that a student whose parents are overseas has a responsible guardian in the UK. Students will not be accepted into the College without full details and confirmation of a satisfactory UK Guardian. Parents must make arrangements for guardianship before the child arrives in the UK and the College must be in receipt of full contact details for the guardian. A guardian may be chosen from the AEGIS accredited guardian website or a trusted friend in the UK. A guardian must be over the age of twenty three and have UK residency.


Contact details should include:

  • Mobile telephone number
  • Address and post code
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Home telephone number
  • Email address


Accredited Guardianship Organisations

These organisations are inspected and therefore adhere to a code of best practice. They are legally covered and insured and have appropriate experience, knowledge and skill to take good care of children in the UK. Please consult the AEGIS website [Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students] to select an accredited guardian and then make contact direct with the guardian by email link from their dedicated website


Choice of Guardian

We understand that on occasions parents may choose to appoint a close family friend or relative in the UK as guardian rather than a Guardianship Agency. In this case it is important that the parents and the prospective guardians discuss and fully understand the role and responsibility being undertaken. The College must be notified of this temporary guardianship arrangement. We advise that an accredited guardian is appointed as a temporary guardian. Please refer to the AEGIS website.


The Role of the Guardian

  • To act in loco parentis on behalf of the parents.
  • To attend parent teacher meetings and report back advice to the parents.
  • To help students adapt to their new life and school regulations.
  • To generally take an active interest in the student’s school life.
  • To give help and advice over examination choices and university selection, including assistance with the completion of application forms.
  • To keep regular contact with the student during term time and assist with any problems that may arise.
  • To monitor out of school activities.
  • To organise suitable home stay accommodation with native speaking host families half term breaks, or longer (holiday) periods.
  • To arrange flight reservations and tickets when necessary.
  • To arrange collection and/or transport from school, host family or airport at the beginning and end of all holiday periods when required.
  • To be available to both students and parents 24 hours a day in case of emergency.

For further help and guidance please contact St Edmund’s College International Office at:


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