Did you know that research has revealed that as many as 80% of women wear the wrong bras and 44% of women don’t wear a sports bra? And in a study with 2,000 girls aged 11-17 years, 46% reported that their breasts had some effect on their participation in sports and exercise.

To address these concerns and break the silence surrounding women’s health, Catherine Elbourne, a personal trainer and podcast host, visited Grammar and Syntax. Girls participated in a Sports Bra Workshop, exploring various crucial topics:

  • Importance of Sports Bras: Understanding why wearing a sports bra during physical activity is vital for women’s health and comfort.
  • Breast Anatomy: Exploring the anatomy of breasts to understand the unique support needs.
  • Types of Sports Bras: Learning about different types of sports bras and how to choose the right one for various activities and body types.
  • Proper Fitting: Discovering techniques for proper fitting and sizing to ensure maximum support and comfort.
  • Shopping Recommendations: Catherine Elbourne provided recommendations on where to purchase quality sports bras.

The Sports Bra Workshop aimed to empower girls with knowledge and confidence regarding their health and well-being. By breaking the taboo and fostering awareness, Grammar and Syntax are taking proactive steps to support the holistic development of their students.