I spent my holidays up in the mountains on a ski trip with my school, and it was one of the most unforgettable trips I’ve ever been to. We stayed at a small town in Italy called Bardoneccia. The plane departed smoothly but landed at the wrong airport due to the weather but when we eventually reached our destination, we hopped onto a coach that would drive us to Bardoneccia, the place that I would call home for the next week.

In our hotel, authentic Italian food was served every day for lunch and dinner, and there was always a selection of sides that we could choose from. Needless to say, I always walked out of the cafeteria with a smile on my face and a satisfied stomach.

Our schedules were packed with activities every day, all well-organised by Mr Jones. Mornings started off in a rush, and at 6:30am we would be awoken by the deafening bang on doors from the teachers eager to get us up and going. After breakfast, we would all head straight to the slopes for a full day of skiing. At the top of the mountain, we were greeted with breathtaking landscapes and fluffy snow that blanketed every inch of the surface. I would glide down the mountains with my group of adrenaline-filled classmates eager to also embark on this thrilling activity. The sheer excitement of speeding down the mountains became my escape. The only activity capable of lifting the weight of the world off my shoulders. For a moment, I felt invincible!

Evenings were spent doing a variety of activities, ranging from quiz nights with Mr Cunnah and Mrs Appleford, pizza nights and even a karaoke night which caused the floor to shake with all the singing and dancing. Even the teachers couldn’t resist vibing to the music! We also got the opportunity to venture into the local town where we were allowed to do some shopping.

Not only was I surrounded by a group of friends that always kept me company and made sure that there was never a dull moment, I also got the opportunity to form new friendships that I reckon would never have been possible if it wasn’t for the trip. I wholeheartedly recommend going to anyone considering it, and I promise that you’ll come back filled with cherished memories and stories to tell your grandkids.

Written by Alla C


At half past six every day, we pulled on our salopettes, grabbed our gloves and helmets and walked to the ski lift. I was a bit nervous, as I hadn’t been on a ski trip before. The scenery was gorgeous; the snow was fluffy and enticing. I was placed in a skiing group according to my ability and the instructor, Anaiede taught me many skiing skills, which I appreciated a lot. I couldn’t put into words how excited I was! I did a lot of skiing from day two to seven. Every day’s schedule was nearly the same. Throughout the trip, I progressed from the little slopes to some steeper skiing terrain. As the trip went on, I became more confident. For the first few days, I fell on the snow many times. However, I persevered, stood up and continuing skiing. This made me become more resilient.

Overall, the trip has been fascinating. I had some delicious food and a lot of fun skiing. I also shared experiences with new people so it was a great opportunity to make new friends.

This trip to Italy was top-notch, and skiing on these slopes was an invaluable life experience. If you are free anytime, I strongly recommend a visit to Bardonecchia. You can both ski and

take a visit to the town. The town was full of Italian culture and architecture. You could see how they lived and have a look at another aspect of Italy, rather than only the skyscrapers in Milan. If you

are a Catholic, you can go to the church nearby. I went to the church on the sixth day and the

experience was spectacular.

Written by Lucas H