Form 1 recently embarked on a virtual journey through history with a special online workshop featuring Florence Nightingale, hosted by the Florence Nightingale Museum. This unique experience brought to life the legendary figure of nursing, offering glimpses into her early life and transformative work during the Crimean War.

Florence Nightingale shared anecdotes of her journey to Scutari by boat and the shocking conditions she encountered upon arrival at the hospital. The children actively engaged with her narrative, learning about her efforts to revolutionize nursing practices and improve sanitation for wounded soldiers.

The highlight of the workshop was a virtual clean-up activity, where the children joined Florence Nightingale in tidying the hospital. This interactive experience underscored the importance of compassion and resilience in making a difference.

Through Florence Nightingale’s story, the children gained a deeper appreciation for the history of nursing and the impact of her pioneering work. They were inspired to believe in their own ability to create positive change, regardless of age or background.