Form 6 students at our College embraced the role of junior detectives today, participating in a gripping CSI event.

Immersing themselves in a mysterious case, the students went beyond the theoretical realm and actively employed authentic forensic techniques to unravel the intricacies of the clues before them. The atmosphere buzzed with curiosity – was that liquid just water, or something more alarming? Could the powder on the shoe be poison?

Our budding sleuths didn’t stop at mere observation. They engaged in hands-on exploration, meticulously examining hearts and lungs to deduce potential causes. This included comparing a healthy heart and healthy lung samples to the victims. The practical experience not only added a layer of realism to their detective work but also provided a valuable opportunity to sharpen their critical thinking skills.

Teamwork was key as they pieced together the puzzle to crack the case. Cheers to our new budding detectives who solved the case with flying colours!