As the holiday season reached its peak, the corridors of St Edmund’s Prep were brimming with festive joy on the last day before the Christmas break. Form 6 students took centre stage, providing Christmas magic through their heartfelt performances of poems for their younger peers.

Throughout the day Form 6 performed 2 different poems in two performance. Firstly for Nursery up to Form 3, then later on for Form 4 – 6. The students involved wore their best Christmas jumpers and there was an exciting outfit change from Ollie in the second poem.

There were two poems performed and both were memorised. In the first the students explained how they were thankful for different Christmas gifts (with a little bit of sarcasm for the broken jam jar in the post!).

For the second poem Ollie changed his outfit taking centre stage as the jolly snowman. The poem saw the students build a snowman, dressing him in their families hat, scarf and gloves! However, they predicted the inevitable, that the jolly snowman would melt away whilst they were at school.