What a wonderful day; full of learning, history, investigation and excitement. Our Form 3 Vikings have loved their day with Off the Page. We had a morning trying new jobs in the village including battle training and an afternoon as archaeologists digging up artifacts and using our knowledge to classify the objects. The children have explored and fully immersed themselves in Viking life.


  • Scribes

The children made their own ink using charcoal and wrote notes to themselves using a quill and Viking Runes.


  • Pottery

Children made Rune stones as good luck charms. They also made ugly Elves to keep away evil spirits.


  • Metal-Working

Thor’s Hammer was a wonderful activity that allowed the children to experience using thin aluminium to make a necklace in the shape of a Hammer. They added detail with thin sharp tools.


  • Candle Making

Using string, the children repeatedly dipped it into hot wax until they created their own candles. It was very exciting to see them develop in front of our own eyes!


  • Role play

In between activities, we had a wonderful time playing around a campfire in the missile of the room. The children were fully emersed in their Viking characters, making soup for their fellow villages and the odd horn of mead. We even had Vikings keeping an eye out for the impending invaders.