The EYFS and pre-prep students at St Edmund’s Douai Hall presented the heart-warming “Magical Christmas Jigsaw,” a performance that radiated unity through a captivating puzzle. This imaginative show enchanted all in attendance. It transported us to a bustling Christmas market, unfolding a tale around a worn Christmas jigsaw. As the pieces connected, the Nativity story emerged, filled with carol singers and classic characters, woven into an enchanting script with catchy songs.

Each child played a vital role, adding their piece to the puzzle and portraying characters with incredible enthusiasm. Their hard work culminated in a dazzling display of unity and harmony—a genuine reflection of the Christmas spirit. Today, they took the stage for their parents, who gathered to witness the magic their children had created. Applause filled the air as the final piece found its place, celebrating not just the puzzle’s completion but also the remarkable performances by these young talents.

Their excitement for the performance were evident, showcasing their creativity and unity as a group. Each child shone brightly, contributing to a heart-warming experience that will stay in our memories.