In an action-packed day that began at 6 am and concluded back at the College by 6 pm, our team accompanied 9 RAF cadets on an incredible adventure to RAF Syerston. The highlight? Flying in a Viking Glider.

For some of these cadets, it was their first-ever experience taking flight, while others seized the chance for a second go-around. Those veterans got to take charge of the glider, applying the theory they’d learned during their CCF sessions on flight principles.

Beyond the early morning start and the thrill of flying, this was a practical lesson come to life. The skies became a classroom where the cadets, especially those steering the glider, bridged the gap between theory and reality. They didn’t just ride along; they actively engaged, putting their knowledge into action as they maneuvered the glider through the skies.

This trip wasn’t just about enjoying the flight; it was a hands-on education that turned textbook concepts into real skills. It was a chance for these cadets to feel the winds, control the aircraft, and, in doing so, gain a deeper appreciation for the art of flying.

The RAF Syerston expedition wasn’t just about a day out; it was a transformative experience, empowering these cadets with a practical understanding of aviation. It was a day that expanded their horizons, giving them a sense of mastery over the skies and a newfound confidence in their abilities.