In a powerful display of collective remembrance, St Edmund’s College and Prep marked this year’s Remembrance Day with a series of events that brought the entire College and Prep community together. From a whole college mass to the touching contributions of Year 6 poets, the day was a testament to the school’s commitment to honouring those who sacrificed for our freedoms.

CCF and College Students Blanket Grounds with Poppies: During the week members of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and College students took part in a symbolic act of remembrance. Poppies, a potent symbol of sacrifice, were carefully placed in front of the College and the Chapel, creating a visually striking display that mirrored the collective gratitude of the St Edmund’s community.

Whole College Mass: The day began with a Whole College Mass, where students, and staff gathered in the Chapel for a collective moment of reflection. The Mass served as an opportunity to honour those from the College who gave their lives and the service of others, as well as pray for all those involved in conflict today.

Year 6 Poets Illuminate Remembrance in Prep Assembly: The Prep Assembly was enriched by the poignant voices of Year 6 students who took centre stage to share poems they had written themselves. These young poets, wise beyond their years, articulated the significance of remembrance, weaving words that resonated with empathy and understanding. Throughout this assembly students engaged in a thought-provoking educational experience through specially curated videos that provided historical context and deepened their understanding of the sacrifices made. The school community then came together for a collective moment of silence, a powerful pause to reflect on the lives that were lost.


Read below one of the poems read during the Assembly:


War is bloodshed and torture,

Men drop day and night like flies,

As ghastly bombs fall from the skies.

They lived a few days ago, but now? Died.


War is a depressed daughter,

Crying in her bed, as she knows her

Father may be dead.

Meanwhile, a man falls, full of lead.


War is an officer trapped

In no man’s land.

Sweat trickling down his face,

And blood down his hands.


War is a thousand sentries,

Reborn as poppies,

Guarding Flanders Field,

Not giving enemies the keys.


War is rotten rations,

Sandbags spilled,

A game of rummy left on the ground,

As their owner was killed.


So as we gather on this day,

Respecting those in heaven.

We remember their suffering,

And how it ended at 11/11.


By Toby