In a momentous celebration of our College’s rich history and enduring legacy, we marked Foundation Day on Friday 29 September 2023.

Founded on Michaelmas Day, 1568, in Douai, northern France, our College has a profound connection with the challenges and resilience of the Catholic faith during penal times in England.

The highlight of the day was the presence of Bishop John Sherrington, who joined us to celebrate Mass with the entire College community. This auspicious occasion was made even more special with the attendance of our governing body, led by Chair of Governors, Deacon Paul Raynes. We were honoured to have Mr. Peter Sweeney, Director of Education for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Westminster, in our midst as well.

The servers demonstrated exceptional professionalism and grace as they carried out their sacred duties during Mass. The Schola Cantorum, under the remarkable direction of Andrew O’Brien, led us in our traditional Edmundian Hymns, filling the atmosphere with an air of reverence and gratitude. As Communion concluded, their performance of Hubert Parry’s inspiring piece, “I Was Glad,” resonated with every member of our community who was present.

This Foundation Day was a powerful tribute to the origins of our College and the unwavering commitment of those who dedicated themselves to preserving and practising the Catholic faith during challenging times. It reminded us of the sacrifices made and the blessings bestowed upon our College community throughout the years.

As we reflect on this significant milestone, we are reminded of the values that guide our College—excellence in education, resilience in the face of adversity, and a strong sense of faith and community. The celebrations served as a poignant reminder of our responsibility to carry these values forward, inspiring future generations to embrace knowledge, integrity, and compassion.

Read the Bishop’s homily from the day.