Students at our ‘Animal Club’ were treated to a special visit from some furry friends on Friday 29 September, coinciding with Guinea Pig Awareness Week (25 – 29 September). The unique visit was part of our ‘Period 7’ initiative, which gives our pupils the opportunity to go timetable free and experience a range of extra-curricular activities during the last lesson of every day.

Twinkle the guinea pig, and a few extra four-legged friends, joined pupils at Animal Club, with everyone getting the chance to have a hold and cuddle. Students were able to learn more about how to be a good guinea pig owner, some top tips on how to handle them, and they also uncovered some interesting ‘cavy’ facts. Did you know that guinea pigs are active for 20 hours of the day? They can also make eleven different sounds!

If anyone has any other exciting pets they’d like to share with Animal Club, we are always keen to welcome new visitors. Please have a chat with Jeremy or Deirdre if you’d like to book in a visit. Past guests at our Animal Club have included: dogs, rabbits, bearded dragons, ponies, goats and sheep!

Learn more about Guinea Pig Awareness Week.