The St Edmund’s College Summer Reading Challenge 2023 was recently launched with the aim of promoting reading among pupils during the holiday. As part of the challenge, a week long Literary Festival took place during the Trinity Term, where High Performance Learning (HPL) Ambassadors discussed the science and benefits of reading. The festival emphasized the development of High Performance characteristics through reading, including resilience, innovation, and engagement.

The challenge encouraged pupils to read as much as possible during their summer break and complete book reviews on the books they read. The aim was to emphasise the importance of reading and personal growth and development. Equal first-place winners per House were recognised and received book tokens as rewards.

All participants in the challenge were acknowledged for their dedication to the task. Participants received certificates, large cookies, and juice as rewards for their efforts. The pupils’ enthusiasm and engagement demonstrated their understanding of the significance of reading.

Over 80 pupils participated in the challenge, demonstrating the success of the initiative in promoting reading among pupils. While logistical challenges prevented some pupils from receiving certificates in person due to fixtures or other commitments, their efforts and achievements were still recognised and appreciated.

The St Edmund’s College Summer Reading Challenge 2023 played an essential role in promoting and celebrating the power of reading among pupils. The challenge’s inclusive nature was evident with the hashtags #EveryoneCan, #HPLCreating, and #HPLLinking. Continued engagement in reading is encouraged, and the challenge’s success demonstrates the potential of promoting reading to further personal growth and development.