Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde, a show that celebrates believing in who you are and trusting the choices you make.


I knew choosing to direct and produce Legally Blonde was going to be a huge challenge, not only in terms of the size of the show but the complexities and detail in dance, acting and singing technique it involves. I have no regrets, it was incredible! My second year of directing the College Production here, I know the level of talent we have at St Edmunds, equalled with the level of maturity and intelligence. A true celebration of the level of rounded education offered here at St Edmunds.


In September, after a challenging 2 day audition process in front of a panel of 3, Legally Blonde was cast. Each young actor played and suited their characters perfectly, every performer bringing their own personality and intelligence to the show. I have to personally congratulate and celebrate Bella who played the role of Elle, this role is famous for its difficulty and detail, Bella was cool throughout. What this show asks of Elle is not only a high level of vocal technique but a deeper understanding of what it means to be Elle, her story, how to stand up for what you believe in. Bella not only did this but brought a whole new layer to the character. A magical performance, a moment that I hope she and the rest of the cast will never forget.


This Legally Blonde was not the school version, this was the same show as seen on Broadway and the Westend. Brought to life by our live band, Directed by the inspiring MD Nick who gave the cast a level of confidence like never seen before. The choreography by our very own Josie McMeechan was incredible to highlight one number specifically “Whipped Into Shape”, lead by the amazingly talented Qmarlah was quite literally breathtaking. No changes were made to make this easier, “Whipped” was high intensity live skipping and singing. The level of fitness required to pull this off is incredible. Have a go, “If you wanna get fit, you gotta get whipped”.


Bringing theatre back to the grounds of St Edmunds has been my focus since I started the role of Head of Musical Theatre. This comes with many challenges but is all made easier by the truly amazing faculty. I have to personally thank the marketing department for pulling off such perfect front of house displays, posters and even hospitality. The ground staff and porters for quite literally moving goal posts to make sure I have somewhere to store set and props. All members of staff who support our cast and creative team in the whole rehearsal process, it’s this empathy and passion for the school and students that allows us to produce such shows at home. A real family feel, Thank you!


Mr Veasey