Today we welcomed the best-selling author Christopher Edge to St Edmund’s College. Edge’s latest book, “Escape Room,” is a thrilling mystery novel that has been well-received by both young adults and adults alike. Edge interacted with the students, talking to them about his book and the creative process of writing. He explained his writing process to the students, and encouraged them to pursue their own creative endeavors. Edge then proceeded to demonstrate one of the “escape rooms” from his book. He showed the students how the room operates and answered any questions they had about the structure. The students were enthralled by the demonstration and were eager to attempt the challenge themselves.

His talk was followed by a question and answer session, where the students had the opportunity to ask him questions about his work and the opportunity for any students to get their books signed. The visit from Christopher Edge to St Edmund’s College was a truly memorable experience for the students. They were not only able to learn more about his writing process, but they also got an exciting demonstration of one of the “escape rooms” from his book. It was an experience that the students will not soon forget.