Talbot House was founded in 1922 as one of the three original houses at the College (alongside Challoner and Douglass). Named after Bishop James Talbot, it was initially located in the area currently occupied by the staff common room and ground floor IT room, and had its own common room, dining room and boarding accommodation. Whilst the location within the school has changed, it has always been at the very heart of College Life and has seen over 2,500 students embracing the claret and gold, winning the Grand House Challenge 22 times along the way.

The House Dinner this term was a focal point for celebrations and following a wonderful dinner parents joined for post-dinner entertainment with music from Raiden Z, Gonzalo T and another rendition of the House Song and speeches from the Elements tutor group and House Captain, Joshua C reflecting on their experiences of all things Talbot. In the last week of term, we have also seen the first of the centenary daffodils and tulips that students planted behind the crucifix start to flower, which will leave a longer lasting reminder of our first 100 years.